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When the Family is Complete

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Pregnancy can be the most beautiful and fulfilling experience in a woman's life. But an unplanned pregnancy can also throw your life into turmoil. Finding the method of birth control that's just right for you means having plenty of options.

Contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy. There are many types of birth control methods. Some forms of birth control require a doctor's prescription or a medical procedure, while others may be purchased as over-the-counter products. Some forms of birth control are temporary and others are permanent and cannot be reversed.

The more common forms of contraception in the United States include behavioral methods, over-the-counter products, prescription products, and permanent procedures. That's why we offer a full range of choices, including pills, IUDs, injections, and permanent techniques. We will be happy to take the time to discuss any questions you may have regarding contraception. Not all health insurance providers cover each form of birth control so it is important that you check with you health insurer to verify coverage.

Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation, also known as "tying the tubes," is a form of sterilization. One or two small incisions are made in the abdomen at the navel and a laparoscope is inserted. Using instruments that are inserted through these incisions, the fallopian tubes are coagulated (burned) or sealed shut with a small clip placed on the tube. The patient is able to return home a few hours after the procedure. Tubal ligation can be performed at the time of a cesarean section.

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